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Named for Col. George Croghan

Colonel George Croghan was born 15 November 1791 near Louisville, Kentucky.  Educated at Virginia's William and Mary College where he graduated in 1810, he received his captain's commission in the 17th Infantry in March 1812. He won a permanent commission in the army as a result of his service as aide-de-camp to General William Henry Harrison in the battle of Tippecanoe. He served with distinction at Fort Defiance and Fort Meigs.

Overcoming overwhelming odds, Croghan successfully defended Fort Stephenson in Ohio and crippled the British. This win gave America a much needed boost and made Croghan a national hero. President Madison promoted him to the rank of lieutenant colonel as a reward for his service. He also received a Congressional Gold Medal for his service. During the Mexican War, he served with General Zachary Taylor. After the war, he was stationed in New Orleans. He died there of cholera on 8 January 1849. He was buried first in the family cemetery in Louisville but his remains were later moved to Fort Stephenson where there is a granite memorial dedicated to him. 

Home of the 2nd Dragoons

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