The Focus of our Efforts

Fort Croghan

Home of the US 2nd Dragoons

With Fort Croghan, we have a jewel in our community and the opportunity to share our country's and Texas's early history.   This is one of our key areas of focus at Burnet County Heritage Society, and a source of much success for us. Fort Croghan was part of 8 frontier forts erected across Texas by the U.S. government in 1848-1849 to protect the early settlers. We are looking to build hiking trails, add more spots to picnic at, add some landscaping, making a Plaza of Honor with Memorial Bricks that anyone can get to honor a loved one, organization, or business.

Fort Croghan Cannon.jpg

The Museum

Sharing our past

The museum houses our collection of Burnet County and early frontier fort memorabilia. We are looking to expand our space and plan to have space to exhibit more artifacts and information on Fort Croghan and the first line of defense of the 1st 8 Federal forts in Texas. This will also give us space to reorganize the museum and share the story of not only Burnet County but how many lived in the past.


Our Archives & Library

Collecting our past and our present for the future

We love our collection and are always looking for additions of books, records, and documents that are about Texas forts, Burnet County, central Texas, and Texas. This includes about places and people in these areas.